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This new cordless vacuum cleaner is an absolutely top-quality model which thoroughly vacuums and mops your floor.

The X30 VX is the latest cordless vacuum cleaner in the ROIDMI family and really is one-of-a-kind. This flagship premium model features top-notch vacuum cleaning capabilities for a range of floor coverings and boasts long-lasting battery time. The motorised floor mop head for hard floors rotates at 200 rpm, ensuring that dirt and most stains are removed on the first pass with ease. The X30 VX isn’t just a cordless vacuum cleaner, it’s a 2+1 combination cleaning aid for all floor types and coverings, presented in a stylish and modern design that can be sleekly integrated into any home. This class-leading cleaner comes with a range of accessories for quick and easy cleaning around the entire home, and the 5-year warranty on the motor (2-year on cleaner and battery) mean users can feel completely confident using it every day.

  • New top model in the cordless vacuum cleaner category
  • LED display and management via an app
  • Up to 80 minutes run time (Eco)
  • Large dust container with a 0.55 litre capacity
  • Mop mouth piece with rotating mop rondelles
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Capacity, consumption & power

Noise level (dB) <83
Batteries (quantity) 1
Voltage (V) 28,8
Noise level, Max (dB) <83
Charge time (min) 150
Effective watts (w) 150
Charge type Power Adapter
Battery type Lithium Ion
Battery capacity (mAh) 2500
Battery weight (g) 455

Product design, form & placement

Color Grey


App available Yes
App-name ROIDMI cleaner
Filter replacement indicator Yes
Power indicator Yes
Charge indicator Yes
Brushless motor Yes
App language English

Dimensions & Weight

Net weight (kg) 2,7


Filter (item number) 48200054
Vacuum cleaner bag (item number) Støvbeholderfilter


EAN 5707582005786

In the box

  • Wireless, magnetic SnapCharger
  • Electric main mouth piece
  • Mop accessories: mop mouth piece with rotating mop rondelle
  • Soft Roller V-brush
  • Mattress mouth piece
  • Furniture brush combined with jointed mouth piece
  • 2 sets of washable mop rags, 1 set of washable polishing rags
  • Vacuum cleaner tube
  • High-efficiency top filter
  • Cleaning tools
  • Magnetic wall hanger
  • Power supply

ROIDMI Premium guarantee

User Guide
Technical Specifications
(3 Ratings)
Nathan Harding
I've waited my whole life for this vacuum cleaner. The run time is lengthy, the suction is so so powerful and my floors have never looked better. Thank you ROIDMI for making every floor in my home prestine!
Alicia Jardine
Wow! Treated myself in the January sales and am not disappointed! Can't put it down, I've never enjoyed vacuuming as much as I do with this vacuum. Thanks roidmi!
Tom Humphreys
If I'd have known a cordless vacuum would've been this much of a game changer I would've made the leap years ago.

The X30VX is super easy to use on my hardwood and tiled floors. The range of tools is useful and I find the illuminating light on the main floor head particularly useful.

RS70 Launch | Express.co.uk

New Dyson rival has one big advantage when cleaning your floors

"“DYSON has some serious competition launching next month with the latest vacuum from ROIDMI able to do more than just suck up the dust."

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Six International Design Awards

Form meets function and style

IF Design Award
Reddot Design Award
Contemporary Good Design Gold Award
DFA Design for Asia Award
Taihu Design Award
Good Design Award
Smart LED display

Battery status (%) and maintenance status

ZiWei sterilisation system

The sterilisation prevents pathogens from growing

Soft Roller V-brush

A brush for all floor surfaces - both hard floors and carpets

65% increased suction power

¹ Compared to S1E / R10

Effective floor mopping

Floor mopping with mop rondelles rotating at 200 rpm and automatic cleaning station

2,500 mAh battery

Clean up to 450 m2 with one battery charge

Dust separation - Motor - Battery module

Air-X 2.0 dust separation
High-end 8-cone ensures constant suction power

Air-X 2.0, 8-cone air/dust separation with eight parallel cyclones separates the dust and sends it into the dust container - with no loss of suction power. This prevents blockages from the air vents and means you do not have to clean the filter as often either.


Engine-X 2.0 digital coal-free motor

The energy efficiency is much higher compared to earlier generations, which means that it is more powerful, lasts for longer and produces less noise.

BMS-X 2.0 battery module

The new BMS-X 2.0 battery system with optimised LG/Samsung lithium batteries ensures an operating time of an entire 80 minutes per battery charge (standard settings), meaning you can vacuum up to 450 m2.

Get rid of stains with the electric mop mouth piece

The RS70's mop mouth piece uses SmartChip technology to control the flow of water, ensuring that the mop rondelles are constantly kept moist but never wet - the floor dries immediately.


3rd generation mop accessories - efficient floor mopping

With two rotating mop rondelles, you get a two-in-one vacuuming and floor mopping that removes even resilient stains and mops up fluids that have been spilt. There is a automatic cleaning station accessory that cleans and dries your mop mouth piece after it has been used. It is simple and practical.


The mop rotates at:

200 rpm when mopping floors and mops 10m2/min.


Water capacity:

240 ml/30 minutes of use

Bionic drip technology

The innovative slow-drip technology prevents leakages and keeps the microfibre cloth wet for longer.

*The mop accessory with a water tank is suitable for use on all hard sealed floors - including wood, laminate, tile and stone floors.

Soft Roller V-brush

Developed to clean all floor surfaces - both hard and soft ones.

V-shaped anti-tangle structure

A v-shaped Soft Roller brush that reduces hair clumping

Can handle all floor surfaces

There is no need to change brushes when switching from carpets to hard floors

Water-repellent nano fibre

Ensures a thorough cleaning

6-stage filtration + 2x anti-bacterial protection

Anti-bacterial air cleaner inside the vacuum cleaner.

There are 6 stages of filtration via the ROIDMI air cleaner, the metal filter for large particles and a double air cleaning of the front and top filters.

1: Anti-bacterial filtration

Filters using Novaron ION anti-bacterial technology.

2: Anti-bacterial cyclone

Novaron ION anti-bacterial cyclone system.

3: High-efficiency filtration

Collects particles down to 0.3 microns in size.

4: Filtration

The metal filter blocks all larger particles.

5: Filtration

Dust-proof filter.

6: Anti-bacterial filtration

The ION anti-bacterial filtration filter eliminates the risk of bacteria escaping with the exhaust air.

Automatic cleaning station

Automatically cleans and dries your Multi Surface Cleaning Head after use. Easy and convenient.

One-touch emptying functionality

Just hold the dust container over your bin and press the release button to empty With a 0.55 litre capacity, you do will not have to worry about emptying it all the time.

Sensor-controlled LED lightning

Are there dark corners behind the sofa and under the bed? No problem! The RS70's sensor-controlled LED lighting lights up dark areas so that you can easily see what is going on even in inaccessible places.

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