Powerful cordless vacuum cleaner capable of simultaneous vacuuming and wet cleaning

ROIDMI RS40 is equipped with an innovative dual cleaning system, allowing you to vacuum and wet clean your hard floors in one go. Save time and bother.

RS40 is silent, user friendly and comes with a full range of accessories including innovative app management.

  • Award-winning design
  • Powerful suction
  • Magnetic wireless charging
  • Magnetic water reservoir
  • 0.4L dust bin
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Capacity, consumption & power

Noise level (dB) <83
Batteries (quantity) 1
Voltage (V) 28,8
Noise level, Max (dB) 83
Charge time (min) 150
Effective watts (w) 138
Charge type Power Adapter
Battery type Lithium Ion
Battery capacity (mAh) 2500
Battery weight (g) 455

Product design, form & placement

Color White


App available Yes
App-name ROIDMI cleaner
Filter replacement indicator Yes
Power indicator Yes
Charge indicator Yes
Brushless motor Yes
App language Norwegian

Dimensions & Weight

Net weight (kg) 2,6


Filter (item number) 48200054


EAN 5707582993830

In the box

  • Wireless Magnetic SnapCharger
  • Electric Cleaning head
  • Wet cleaning accessory with Novaron ION antibacterial water reservoir
  • Soft Roller HL
  • Mattress brush
  • Multifunction Crevice tool
  • Flex extension hose
  • Metal connecting rod
  • High Efficiency filters
  • Cleaning tool
  • Magnetic Wall Mount
  • Power Adapter
  • User manual

ROIDMI Premium guarantee

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Six International Design Awards

Form meets function and style

IF Design Award
Reddot Design Award
Contemporary Good Design Gold Award
DFA Design for Asia Award
Taihu Design Award
Good Design Award
120,000 rpm brushless motor

High suction power

Five year motor guarantee

Highest quality and reliability

Up to 65 minutes of battery capacity

Thorough cleaning for larger homes

6-layer filtration

Cleaner air, lower allergens

Vacuuming and wet cleaning combo

Reduces cleaning time by 50%

Magnetic wireless charging

Easy and effortless

New Soft Roller Brush

Created to clean all surfaces

The soft roller brush easily tackles dust and debris and delivers an exceptional clean.

The Soft Roller brush is ideal for both carpets and hard floors, so you do not have to change the brush while cleaning.

Magnetic wet cleaning accessory

Switch to wet cleaning in seconds, simply remove for vacuum only cleaning.

Bionic drip technology

The innovative slow-drip technology prevents leaks* and keeps the microfibre rag wet for longer.

*The mop accessory with a water tank is suitable for all hard and sealed floors - including wood, laminate, tiles and stone.

Filtration - Motor - Battery

Air-X air/dust separation technology
Direct suction and multi-stage cyclone prevents blockage and power loss

The Air-X air/dust separation technology effectively separates dirt and fine particles form the air flow to deliver better suction and cleaner exhaust air.

Engine-X Digital brushless motor
120,000rpm, 20% increase in suction power
The new Engine-X Digital brushless motors and innovative “direct-air” duct design delivers class-leading output of 145AW suction power and 25,000 Pa vacuum air pressure.

*20% increase, compared with S1

BMS-X battery system
8 LG/ Samsung lithium batteries

The new BMS-X battery offers 65min run time through innovative cell management. That means you can clean up to to 400m2 of floors on one charge.

Top performance

Washable filter components

The filter can be taken apart and all components can be washed to avoid build-up of dirt and odours.

Intelligent photosensitive LED light

The innovative LED light turns on automatically in dark areas making it difficult for dust and debris to hide.

Intelligent app management

Connect to your smart device via Bluetooth™ for a wealth of information about battery capacity and battery health, cleaning time, remaining dust bin capacity, filter element condition and even the calories you are burning while cleaning. If you just want to clean, there is no need to use the app at all.

Replaceable battery

Years of use will see battery performance decline but the ROIDMI RS40 has an easily replaceable battery module ensuring your cleaning investment lasts for many more years.

Magnetic wireless charging

Simply place the vacuum cleaner in the magnetic wall mount to recharge.

More features

Long flat suction

Suitable for cleaning hidden corners, crevices, and narrow spaces.

The LED light-sensitive lamp immediately lights up when cleaning dark areas allowing visibility when cleaning hidden and dark corners.

Wide flat suction

Suitable for cleaning dust on furniture, lamps and in between sofa cushions.

0.65L big volume dust cup No-touch dust cup emptying

No need to touch the dirt, just one button-press to release the dirt directly into a bin.

0.65L [7]] big-volume dust cup, one time dirt emptying for 500m2 of area cleaned.

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