ROIDMI, founded in 2015, has become a leader in the cordless vacuum cleaner industry in China through innovation, design and class-leading performance.

Company Profile

ROIDMI specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing high quality cleaning products for global consumers. The company was established in early 2015.

ROIDMI has already grown to be a global brand, operating in 60 overseas territories including USA, UK, Europe and Japan.

Company Honor

ROIDMI has acquired multiple awards and high recognition from industries and societies around the world.

From the German iF Award, the Reddot Design Award, the G-Mark Award and the Chinese Good Design Award, Roidmi keeps innovating. Across design, technical engineering and performance, ROIDMI continues to win international accolades

ROIDMI History

ROIDMI first started developing automotive products before turning its design and engineering expertise to cordless cleaning products. The company focuses on extraordinary design, outstanding quality and delivering best in class performance.

We actively promote our core strengths and best-in-class products around the world, and have become a major player in the cordless cleaning markets in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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